Baggage Transfer on WHW

Planning on walking the West Highland Way? Have you thought about having your bags carried?

The WHW Baggage Transfer Service Providers are excellent, reliable and flexible meaning you can take in the beautiful Scottish scenery with just a day pack to carry while safe in the knowledge that your bags will be delivered to your next destination ready for your arrival.

At Drymen Camping we appreciate that after initially deciding to carry your own bags for the whole journey, you reach us and say to yourself, what was I thinking??? – fear not, we can help! Just ask about baggage transfer when you see us and we’ll get you signed up on the spot, leaving you to fully enjoy the rest of your holiday. All you need to know is where you plan to stop on your journey.

Below are a few of the baggage transfer service providers to get you started:


Baggage Freedom


Ginger Routes


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